Dubai Home – Kitchen story

Renovating is always a daunting process… especially if you have to live in the house while all the work is underway… High stress alert!

Kitchen is an especially tricky one, since food preparation is such an important part of daily life.. many times a day! We moved the fridge into the living room and used our barbeque in the garden for cooking during the upgrade of our kitchen.

I was not happy with the old white worn out kitchen that we had when we purchased the villa. I also wanted away with wall cabinets and opted for open shelving instead. I wanted a small island, pendants above it. The major structural change that I wanted was to close up the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, creating a niche on the dining room side. The kitchen now is much more functional, fresher, brighter and a joy to cook and bake in.


This is an Ikea kitchen, with Siemens appliances, Miele fridge/freezer. Moroccan pendants Pottery Barn.

Before and during…

I chose a taupe shade paint for the walls to complement all the colorful kitchen accessories, cookery books and my herb garden. Love the pops of color!

Our home was featured in Emirates Living magazine, January 2015 issue.



Slide show below of how kitchen looks like now (2017). Few years after the revamp, I had the kitchen repainted in a lighter shade throughout including the ceiling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our home was featured in Inspired Living magazine: “Baked in Style”, May/June 2016

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Hope you are inspired to design and renovate your own beautiful kitchen ❤

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